Restarting to code on Vim

As most everyone knows, a code is not but text. And the one I used the most until now was sublime text (I also use IntelliJ for Java, because is just too much of a pain not to do so).

The biggest advantage I see is on the typing speed for some operations, the one I’m most used to is the “gg” command, which jumps to the first line of a file, it is one of the few commands I’ve internalized myself.  The cheat sheet I’m using most of the time is this one: Besides using the almighty vim himself I’m also using a package for sublime to replicate its behavior, can be confusing sometimes but I’ll try to stick with it for a month.

I couldn’t find articles about not experienced people using Vim trying it, only comments on a few sections and so forth.  I’m looking for better resources to learn vim or whether there are better packages for Sublime and these kind of stuff, if you know, please, write it down here :).


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