Primeiro mês usando Dropwizard

Então, eu comecei a trabalhar no In Loco, se você não tem idéia do que é a empresa, você deve saber que é fantástico! A parte assustadora De qualquer forma, comecei a trabalhar lá e o framework que estou usando é o dropwizard, um framework baseado em Java que agrupa muitas bibliotecas para que você … Continue lendo Primeiro mês usando Dropwizard


Learning Android #01 – Why did I choose this platform for my project?

As usual, I'm trying to build something towards educational assets for youngsters (the project hasn't been launched yet, still building an MVP, though). And I had to choose between building an MVP for Android or iOS since coding for both would take a tremendous amount of effort, which is the opposite when you're trying to … Continue lendo Learning Android #01 – Why did I choose this platform for my project?

Como eu aprendi Python

Como eu tenho recebido muito essa demanda ultimamente (acho que foi porque fui o primeiro louco da faculdade à ficar viciado em Data Science na graduação logo cedo :V), decidi criar uma postagem sobre como aprendi Python e basicamente vou montar os recursos mais fáceis que ainda se encontram de graça por ai.  E alguns pagos também, mas … Continue lendo Como eu aprendi Python

First month using Dropwizard – An Overview

So, I've started working at In Loco, if you don't have any idea what the company is about, you must know that is fucking awesome!.  The scary part Anyway, I started working there and the framework I use is dropwizard, a Java based framework that puts a lot of libraries together so you can build a … Continue lendo First month using Dropwizard – An Overview

How will I reach there? Recommendations on Books

The place I want to reach is simple: money independent, learning as much as possible, living near a beach and meeting amazing people (Quora has been helping on that). So, I've figured out that I have to, first, become great myself. So, if you know me a little, you know I've always tried to work … Continue lendo How will I reach there? Recommendations on Books

Does time has a say? – Exponential Smoothing

Guys, I got sick yesterday and today I was still recovering, so, I'll go slower on the "Time Series Analysis" of today, if you haven't seen the previous post, I highly recommend since it has a custom code attached to it that shows nicely the improvements on result you can reach just by looking at … Continue lendo Does time has a say? – Exponential Smoothing

Time Series – Researching Further

So here are some great news: an awesome book chapter about time series analysis!  And here is the link I used: And I'm going to explore the notes about the content here, the best part of the introduction is one of the applications of time series analysis: Fit a model and proceed to forecasting, monitoring or … Continue lendo Time Series – Researching Further