Drop #1 – ” Why so many subways?”


I’m from Recife, Brazil. If you don’t know the city that much, Google it, you’ll find it pretty amazing. However, and that’s not a complain, there has been a boost in subways stores around the city. And that’s a question I was asking myself:” Why are there so many subways? ” and why they keep coming, how they are organized know and what makes them profitable. And know I can’t answer all those questions, but I tried my best.
So I looked for places to find my answer and I came up with the idea of using Google Maps, indeed, they showed me that exists 30, yes that’s right, 30 subways around the city, just take a look:


But let’s go deeper at the analysis, we can see that there clusters of subways around the city, to count it right, 23 are located at the same zone, okay, it’s a big zone but still that almost 80% are located at 1/4 of the territory (there are four zones), which is the north one, and other five are located at the south( Boa Viagem neighborhood), all the other 2 left are located at poorer zones, we can understand that here:

But then, I was wondering, why there are so many together? And why are there even smaller and condensed clusters of subways? Take a look at this neighborhood :

Can you see that exists 4 subways way close to each other, like, about less than 1km from each other? Even though they are the main business Avenue of the city, it just seems unbelievable that there was no way to organize themselves better, I know it is a franchise and probably, their owners are different but imagine if instead of being concentrated they were split along the whole Avenue? It would reach a far broader audience and make their profit rise.

And here goes another little cluster to analyze but I will focus on rather different questions: image

OK, the figures I circulated where areas which it’s common sense of the citizens that they see crowded and have a good traffic of people/cars, which make easier to understand why there are subways around there, but look close at stores 3 and 6, store 3 it’s in an avenue that I still don’t know if it has a traffic enough to make it a profitable place or, making a better questions, if it’s a great a place to put a subway logo on it, I think I’ll use waze data or somewhere else to understand it better. But let’s focus on number 6, you can see that the red circle is way closer to 5 than 6, so what are the reasons 6 exists in the first place? (suppose that 6 came after 5 in time), if not, what made someone create number 5? Is it a good way to organize s franchise across the city?

So, here it is folks, my small analysis about some data I’ve found on the Internet to answer my simple question and I hope you liked it and found the discussion interesting, if you have something to add, please, put your fingers on the keyboard and comment, I’d appreciate.
Any datasets or questions? Mail me at felipe.bormann@gmail.com.


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